Give Your Home A Touch Of The West

There’s something about a home with a rustic look of the west.  The charm, the wilderness, distressed wood, soft lighting and the collection of antiques neatly displayed does wonders to a home. This article will show you how to bring the west inside your home regardless of where ever you are. This article will be your personal guide to your country haven. Here’s how you do it.
Mix and match with the old and new
Give a refreshing look to you ordinary furniture by placing a minimum of one or two antique furniture amongst them. This will make the antique furniture stand out and make the ordinary furniture less noticeable. If your furniture is on the curvy side, deviate the attention by selective placing straight lined modern piece of furniture to even out. Most modern homes country does have an elegant yet rustic look and that’s exactly what you want to achieve.
Stylish and raw
Combining contrasting items does have a way when you’re trying to achieve that optimal look. cottage Melbourne transformation is successive when raw wooden pieces are combined with elegant fabric. Big and bold items to be mixed with soft and delicate items will give you the ideal look you want to create.
Decorative colours
The choice of colour you select will make or break the overall concept of decorating you want to achieve. The most appropriate colour pallet will consist of Grey stone, medium to dark wood colour, fabric with mix of red and white shades.
Bedroom décor
Unique stone flooring should be the base in creating that rustic look. You could even opt for terracotta for a more affordable option compared to the latter. Place a large wooden chest by the side of a bare wall that will stand out and complement to the overall appearance of the room. Make sure you chose warm colours for the walls and keep décor to a minimal amount to achieve this look. Place framed pictures of the Wild West to compliment and add a more sophisticated look to the room. Drape the widows with white sheer curtains will soften the bold look of the rustic appearance.
Exterior outlook
When painting the exterior of your home, make sure custom granny flats at Premier Homes & Granny Flat you colour the doors and windows in a contrasting colour to be highlighted appropriately. Grow creepers along the walls and windows which are sure to add a charm to the overall outlook. Have a neat but dirty gravel path which will symbolize the rustic west in the countryside.