Lease Commercial Property in Hong Kong

Are you a resident of Hong Kong who has a lot of apartment space unused? Then you can consider the idea of leasing this out to some commercial house in the city that will pay you a lot of money for it. The buying and selling of property as well as the leasing of property for great prices is done in Hong Kong on a regular basis. If you want to engage in this process in a way that it brings you much profit, there are a number of important steps which you have to take.

For leasing property at Hong Kong the first step which you have to take is to hire the services of a good lawyer in the city. This can be done via word of mouth or by looking up the classifieds section in the daily newspapers. The lawyer will draw up an elaborate legal agreement which you will have to make the prospective tenant sign. The agreement will be fully binding and any violation of the agreement will give you the right to take legal action against your tenant. It will be of about four to five pages in length.

The commercial leasing process can be conducted at any point of the year which is convenient for you. The average period of time for which one can do industrial leasing in Hong kong is about two years. This can later on be extended to three or four years depending on the needs of the tenant. Damage to the property in the lease period will have to be rectified by the tenant. The wellbeing of the commercial space that you lease out will be entirely in the hands of the person who hires it and not your responsibility any longer.

The industrial leasing is best done using the services of a property agent Hong Kong in the city of Hong Kong.  Such a company will allocate a property agent for the purpose, who will help the person who is looking to hire office space in the city to find out just what he needs. The property agents normally charge a certain amount of money from their clients in the form of brokerage. This needs to be paid in cash only. These agents are known to be quick and efficient in the way that they do their work and are seldom known to ever waste the time or the money of their clients. They think and act on their feet for the benefit of their clients.