Researching Open For Inspections

One of the most important things you need to do before you put your house on the market is research.  This is because research gives you the facts and figures of the real estate market in your local area at that point in time.  The real estate market is an ever changing market and lots of factors affect it, so you need to gain this knowledge to ensure you have a successful outcome at the end of the process – to sell my home!

Part of research is attending open for inspections of houses in your local area.  But what do you actually look at and do when you are at these open for inspections?  This will guide you as to the important aspects that are happening in the open for inspection.

First Impressions

Take particular notice of what your first impression is of the street as you drive to the open for inspection and the house itself.  What parts did you like and what parts didn’t you like?  Translate this information to your street and house; can you change buyer’s perspective of the street and your house by using this knowledge?sell my home3


Look at the layout of the furniture and the house – is there anything you can copy to make your house feel larger and more spacious.  Did they use any clever layouts or change rooms around for better impact, for example did they switch the dining room with the lounge room?

Did the real estate agent provide marketing material other than a house brochure?  Have a look at the ‘for sale’ sign and the words and photos featured on it.

Look at the buyers

Do a quick calculation of how many groups are going through each open for inspection, this will give you a good indication if the market in your price range is popular.  Also have a good look at the actual buyers attending the open for inspection.  Are they the groups you thought would be interested in buying your house or is there a group you hadn’t considered?  Suburbs are always changing and maybe your suburb is going through a transformation at the moment.

Listen to what questions are being asked

Listen carefully at the questions the buyers are asking the real estate agents.  Are they objections to the property, this will help you in fixing up your property in different areas, do they like the house, any prices being talked about.  This is the time to get some real information as to what people think about houses in your local area from real buyers.  Start a conversation with some of the buyers to get instant feedback. Why not contact property management service for taking care of your property.